Self Care in Sips of Time

January 19, 2019

By:  Jeanne Mayo

It has been my experience that a consistent self care routine can be difficult to achieve in our western culture.  My suggestion is achieve consistent self care in sips of time.  As society we often get caught up in accomplishing things in a "big" way.  For example, when we want to get fit we buy a yearly membership to the gym and start eating only salad.  Then life gets in the way of our grand, well intended goals and we give up.  I myself have fallen into these type pitfalls. As a result,  I have learned  that better results are achieved when I make small,  achievable, consistent changes.  

To do this each person has to decide the change they want to achieve as well as realistic ways to make changes based on their current life circumstances.  So, if you work from 9 am to 5 pm, have small children at home, and attend college classes three evenings a week, would it be realistic to say you will work out at the gym an hour each morning and evening when you get home?  Yes, a routine like that will surely get results, but will you realistically be able to consistently maintain that routine?  This may actually be an achievable routine for one person but not another. It is up to the individual to realistically decide for themselves.  Would it be more realistic to take 15 minute walks in the morning, at lunch and in the evening?  Can you add one or two more vegetables to your plate each meal?  Can you drink one or two more glasses of water a day than you previously did?  If you like reading as a means of relaxation and are too busy to sit down to read several pages of a good book every evening, can you read a few pages while you ride the train to work or on the way home?  If you drive, can you listen to an audio book on the way to and/or from work?  Can you listen to your book or your favorite music while you are taking your 15 minute walk at lunch time?  If you would love to spend an evening sharing a bottle of wine with your best friend but you have a project to complete for your business, a paper to write or you have children crying for your attention, then what about sipping a glass of wine while doing a 15 minute check in with your best friend on the phone?  Yes, consistent self care is necessary and achievable in small sips of time!  So what are you waiting for?  Start sipping!